We often get asked, Why did DreamMaster choose Lake Bonavista, and why did we change our focus from building high end luxury homes to remodeling older homes? Our claim to fame began at the beginning of this century when we were building ultra luxury properties.

In 2007, DreamMaster set a record for building a show home on Lake Bonavista. It sold for $4,700,000. In the community of Britannia, a second record was set when we sold another show home for $7,000,000.

During this time, we questioned our work ethics. Whenever we tore down beautiful, albeit very run down homes to rebuild, we discovered that the neighbours in the surrounding area would reflect upon their sadness to see a landmark just disappear. Then there were concerns for the endless construction and the environment. Thus, we considered an alternative.

We feel that our talents and values are better fitted toward the remodeling plan. Today, we work from within. As homes become outdated we creatively reset the floor plan, using the same quality trades and cutting edge design from our show-home experiences.

What sets our homes apart is our mission of what makes a house a home. Have
you ever walked into a home and immediately felt the love or thought, “this just
feels right”? This is what we do!


DreamMaster Developments has become the leader in redeveloping Lake Bonavista and surrounding area. Working exclusively in these areas allows us to have every sub trade ready and available, creating fast, dependable and efficient customer service! We build quality homes backed with our exclusive: One year floor to ceiling warranty. If something isn’t right, we fix it!


We have had the “same” team sharing the “same” passion for over a decade! In fact, some of our sub trades have been with us for nearly 20 years, including our structural engineer. This combined unity and mission allows us to build a superior product, giving greater value to our clients and making them part of our family.


We are designers with 20 years of experience! We begin with listening to our clients and learning about their needs and vision for the space. Based on this thinking, we provide immediate feedback, design feasible options with a cost analysis.

Together we build the “Home of your Dreams.”

The DreamMaster Developments Team!

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