DreamMaster Developments has one of the highest customer satisfaction and referral rates in the business and we are very proud of this! It’s NEVER the wrong time to do the RIGHT thing and we LIVE by this Moto! We consider our clients and their homes like family. Just ask the long list of DreamMaster clients and they’ll tell you all about us!

When we decided to build an addition with an indoor pool, it was a tough decision because of the complexity of the job. We chose Danny from DreamMaster Developments and all I can say is WOW! Built from start to finish in under 5 months and on budget! DreamMaster pretty much sums it up!

David and Marg, Bragg Creek home owners

Danny from DreamMaster completely renovated and re designed a 1980’s condo. The difference was remarkable! He made it seem easy even though I know the condo board made things more difficult then they had to be! I am Very Happy!

Darren, 14 Ave SW condo owner

The house we stepped into that Danny and his team built was so much more than just a house it was our forever home that we were going to build a lifetime of memories in.

Danny is doing something so special for the neighborhood. He isn’t just fixing up old houses he is revitalizing a community and creating a place for the next generation of families to grow up in.

The care and attention to detail that he puts into every touch point on his houses is unmistakable. It’s a combination of the charm from the past combined with all the refined modern elements you could want in a new home.

Danny and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with and it’s rare today to find someone who stands behind his work the way he and his team do. The pride they feel in their work is something special and gives you pride in owing one of his homes.


My husband and I bought a house in Lake Bonavista in December 2018 that had been renovated by DreamMaster Developments. At first, we were a little hesitant, having had poor experiences in the past with contractors and even new builds.

However, the DreamMaster Developments team have sure restored our faith!! Like in any new build or renovation, we have had very minor issues crop up here and there. Danny and Lance have been very responsive in these situations and addressed all of them immediately. Their attitude and commitment to a satisfied customer is amazing and breeds loyalty on our part.

I think the biggest difference maker is that DreamMaster Developments employs all their trades directly. So, the people coming over are always the same, they know us by name, and they know the house because they were the ones who worked on it. We have complete trust in DreamMaster Developments.

Ben and Vicky

Hi Danny, we would like to thank you for a wonderful experience working with you on our major house renovation. From the very beginning inquiry and meeting it has truly been an exciting and rewarding experience for us. You mentioned at the start we would have our “dream home for the next stage of our lives”, and you delivered. The design, finishing and products are fabulous and everyone that visits our new home is impressed.

It was advantageous that you and your committed trades are in the community and are flexible and responsive for scheduling. This helped to achieve a considerable amount of work in a tight schedule. Thanks for making that as important to you as it was to us. I personally appreciated your attention to the details that I was interested in, and your advice and design recommendations along the way. As well, your ability to find cost effective options and solutions made the overall result possible.

One aspect we appreciated was the relationship you have with your trades; nice folks and a two-way commitment and expectation to get it right. We appreciate that you cared about quality results and our satisfaction, with attentiveness all the way to the end to get those last things looked after.

In closing, we can’t thank you enough and would be honored to show our home to anyone or chat with anyone about our positive experience.

Sharon & Peter

When we first started talking to friends, family, and colleagues about planning a home renovation they provided no recommendations for contractors and instead gave us a myriad of horror stories from their experiences in dealing with home renovation contractors.  Needless to say, we were quite nervous about the whole process and, because of the feedback we had received from others, expected to endure a lot of stress and frustration throughout the process.

Fortunately, after talking with several companies and getting various customer feedback, we hired Dream Master Developments to renovate the main floor of our bungalow.  Their pricing was better than any other quotes we received and the customer feedback was excellent.  It was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  Right from the start, their experience, professionalism, and strong trade relationships were apparent.  With their wealth of knowledge and amazing design ideas we were able to feel safe and secure in their hands as we navigated the home renovation process.  The initial budget was concise (and ultimately very accurate).  Communication was fantastic – Lance and Danny were always available for us when needed.  Whether it was trouble-shooting minor issues encountered along the way, or simply bouncing design ideas around, they were always fully engaged and it was apparent that our overall satisfaction and experience was of the highest importance to them.  Most importantly, our project was delivered on time and on budget.  And when the dust settled they did not just disappear, another job in the rear-view mirror.

They stayed fully engaged while doing final touch-ups and made sure we were completely satisfied, which we were.  The finished product is incredible, they checked every box (which I’ll admit we did not necessarily make easy for them) and met all of our standards.  As the compliments started rolling in from friends and family it was often followed up with, “tell us your horror stories!” but to their surprise (or dismay) we had none to share.  If you’re looking for home renovation experts you need to look no further than Danny and Lance at Dream Master Developments.  Which is what we did when we decided to extend our renovation into our basement this year – we hired the best again and couldn’t be more excited for another project with Dream Master.

Tyler and Brieanna


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